Welcome to the Columbia Club

 Conversations over drinks. Time with fellow members. Enticing culinary creations.
Cocktails outside as the city passes by. Friendly formalities that give way to personal relationships.

This is the place where you’re more than a member.
At the Columbia Club, you belong.

Upcoming Events

From grand celebrations to intimate
gatherings, Columbians can
participate in a variety of special events
to meet new folks or create fun
memories.  Mark your calendar to
attend an upcoming event.  

Upcoming Events
Columbia Club Singers: October 15
CBN Roundtable: October 15
Golf League Awards Dinner: October 15
Harrison Society Networking Lunch: October 16
Cliff Frost Society Season End Party: October 18  
Colts Buffet & Post Game Pub Grub featuring Gijon Robinson: October 20
Pickleball League: October 23
Happy Hour with live entertainment: October 25
Colts Tailgating Buffet: October 27
Columbia Club Singers: October 29
Pickleball League: October 30
Harrison Society Halloween Party: October 31
Monster Mash Family Halloween Party: November 1 
Wine & Swine Tasting: November 6
Colts Tailgating Buffet: November 10
New & Prospective Member Reception: November 14
Meet the Artist-Derrick Carter: November 14 
Colts Breakfast Buffet: November 17
Beefsteak Dinner: A Celebration of Education: November 18 
Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet: November 28
Tree Trim: November 29 

Experience the Columbia Club


Learn more about membership at the Columbia Club in Indianapolis, Indiana and WHY MEMBERSHIP MATTERS. Click here for additional information.


The Columbia Club has been designated as a 5-Star Platinum Club of America. This is a designation awarded to the top 50 city clubs out of more than 500.


The Columbia Club Guest Rooms are a great alternative to a hotel and Member rates are much lower than the city average.