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For more information or to schedule a personal Clubhouse tour, email
audreyh@columbia-club.org or call the Membership Office (317) 761-7517.

Application Process

  • Complete a membership application form.
  • Sign the application, authorizing a credit check and entering into agreement with the House Rules and Club Bylaws.
  • Obtain two sponsoring members’ signatures on the application.
  • Submit application, with initiation fee, to the Membership Department.


Approval Process

  • The Membership Department will conduct a standard credit check.
  • Redacted application and credit reference is presented to the Screening Committee.
  • The Screening Committee recommends applications to the Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors grants final application approvals at its monthly meeting.
  • You will be notified by the Membership Department within 24 hours of formal Board approval of your application.


Acceptance Process

  • Resident, Associate Resident, Military, Legacy, Corporate, and Associate Members may pick up their membership card(s) and new member information at the Club or we can mail the information to you.
  • Non-Resident Members – We will send your membership card(s) and new member information via U.S. mail unless otherwise notified by you.
  • ALL NEW MEMBERS are encouraged to attend the New & Prospective Member Reception.


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